A new museum exhibit is displaying the legendary shoes of the popular girl power pop group The Spice Girls.

The new exhibit will be displaying over 7,000 memorabilia Spice Girls items and of course include their crazy wardrobe, yes including their iconic chunky shoes. Aside from the infamous thick-soled shoes the exhibit is also displaying the tour costumes and outfits.

The exhibition curator, Allen Smith-Allison, says that their cult following has generated a lot of popularity for the new exhibit and celebrate female empowerment in the music industry. The exhibit is also to show how this pop group changed how women were empowered by their message of girl power.

Smith-Allison says that his collection started with smaller, common collectible items including CDs and dolls. He says his collection expanded as the Spice Girls climbed to fame, when they started offering more memorabilia collectibles.

He acquired his first costume set in 2007, starting his quest for more costumes including their legendary shoes. Smith-Allison admits that his fandom has cost him his life savings that was used to expand his collection of memorabilia, saying he has no regrets of how his savings were spent.

The new exhibit is called “SpiceUP” and is on display at the Business Design Centre from July 28 to August 20 in London. Group member Mel B. confirmed that the Spice Girls will be back together for an upcoming reunion tour!

For a special sneak-peek tour of this exhibit and upcoming reunion tour details, check out the video above.