Nature inspired jewelry has become increasing popular over the last year. We have seen everything from branch inspired bracelets to owl pendent necklaces. The latest trend that has a natural inspired element are leaf earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. Delicate leafs are the perfect year round accessories that work for date night and for work also. Celebrities like Hillary Duff and Nicole Richie are fan favorites of leaf jewelry and both have recently donned leaf pendent necklaces at red carpet events.  We just love the girly and pretty leaf motif because it offers a sophisticated yet bohemian touch to any outfit. Below you’ll find our top three leaf inspired jewelry pieces, which we highly recommend you add to your wardrobe ASAP.

Leaf Cuff Bracelet

Leaf cuff bracelets come in both thick and thin versions, we tend to favor the thinner cuff because they are a little bit more elegant and refined.  If you can find a cuff with interweaving branches then that’s even better. This type of accessories can be worn to dress up a casual outfit or to complement an already sophisticated look.

Leaf Earrings

Leaf earrings add a fun boho element to any outfit, especially if you can find a dangly pair that catch the light when you move your head.  Leaf earrings are most commonly found in gold which looks fantastic, but if you can find them in rose gold than that’s even better. There is just something about the slightly pink hue that looks super chic.

Leaf Pendent Necklace

The leaf pendent necklace is probably the most common leaf accessory that you’re going to find.  You could opt for a totally nature inspired necklace with a wooden leaf pendant or you can go for an edgy metal work necklace, which will  make a bolder statement.