Winter is the time to pile on all those accessories that you can’t wear during the summer and spring. Scarves, muffs and gloves are among some of our favorites. Winter accessories are special because they not only have to be fashionable but they also have to be functional, in order to keep you warm and toasty. Below you’ll find a list of the must have winter accessories as well as a some fun ways to style them.

Oversized Scarves

Oversized scarves add a comfortable and cozy feel to an outfit. We have seen them in many different styles this year, from thick cable knit scarves to silky graphic print scarves. For winter our favorite way to wear an oversized scarf is to pair it with fitted leggings or skinny jeans and a slouchy blouse. We love the way the scarf adds to the overall comfort of the outfit without making it look frumpy.

Leather Gloves

Leather is trending in every genera of fashion right now and winter accessories are no exception. We love the look and feel of luxurious leather gloves, especially when they are keeping our hands warm in the cold winter weather. We recommend wearing black leather gloves with a fabulous cream trench coat. The cream and black color combo is super sophisticated, and the leather gloves will stand out against the light colored trench coat.

Basic Beanie

Many women avoid wearing beanies, because they think that can’t “pull off” the look. We think that most women actually look great in this type of hat, especially during winter time. We suggest looking for a loose fitting beanie cap that rests delicately on your head without disturbing your hair to much. When wearing a beanie cap it’s a safe bet let your hair hang free and not tuck it into the hat.