(Photo: Jennifer Griffin)

Promote the vote with stylish options

With the 2020 election looming, more people are promoting voting through signs or bumper stockers but there are simple styles to promote the vote. Here are a couple of ways to rock the vote in style including versatile accessories.

Dissent Pins Vote Collection
Everyone gets a sticker for voting but you can wear an enamel pin to remind others to get out and vote. Dissent Pins is offering a Voting Products section with a variety of different voting pins including an enamel pin version of the traditional “I Vote” sticker.

Dissent Pins also offers enamel pins that promote voting by mail and signs supporting the USPS with 50% of profits benefiting Vote.org to fund mail-in ballot forms and postage. Every purchase from Dissent Pins Voting Products collection contributes 50% of sales profits to The New Georgia Project that works towards registering and civically engaging the people of Georiga.


Flaunt The Vote
Offers unique accessories including earrings, bandanas, and enamel pins with 40% of all proceeds benefitting pro-voting nonprofits. Flaunt The Vote offers a variety of earring styles that promote people to get out and vote, not to mention they’re super stylish in a variety of colors. The bandanas are a great hair accessory but also make a great face mask if you plan on taking a trip to your local polling station.

Rad and Refined Vote Sunglasses
Rad and Refined are offering a unique pair of Get Out And Vote sunglasses with rhinestone letters across the lenses reading “VOTE.” You can find the Get Out And Vote sunglasses here.

Power To The Ballot T-Shirt

The Power to the Ballot launched the 2020 election collection with featured designs by collaborating with the Lauren Jane Studio for production and California-based artist Laurie Berger for a T-shirt collection donating 100% of proceeds. The Power to the Ballot collection offers a variety of unisex T-shirts that will benefit five nonprofits working towards increasing voter registration.


This T-shirt collection will benefit nonprofits working towards promoting the turnout of underrepresented voters in swing states including Detroit Action (Michigan), Mi Familia Vota (Arizona), Pennsylvania Stands Up, Black Voters Matter (Florida), and Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (Wisconsin).