The half sweater half dress trend is one that takes a little practice to perfect, but the extra effort is worth it, trust us! This season some of our favorite celebrity Chicistas and noted fashion designers like Philip Lim are showing the half sweater half dress trend a whole lotta love. 

Yes, at first this trend may seem a little less than wearable, however mastering this look is actually very easy once you know how to choose the right half sweater half dress for your body type.

Let’s start off by talking about the length of your half sweater half dress, typically this season we’ve seen ladies rocking this chic look in midi length. However if you tend to be on the petite side we suggest opting for a shorter length so that garment does not appear to drown you.

In terms of fit, a little loose and slouchy is the way you want to go. Look for a half sweater half dress that is relaxed fitting on the top and has a flouncy flirty skirt at the bottom.

Overall our favorite thing about this look is the blend of casual and glamour in one garment. We highly recommend you give this trend a try this season and see just how chic you can look rocking the half sweater half dress.