(Photo Source: Instagram)

Kim channels the 90s for new hairstyle

Fashion comes in cycles, and the 90s are coming back around in a big way. Kim Kardashian is stealing the look all in the name of promoting her new KKW Beauty line.

The 90s were a great time for fashion. Brightly colored parachute pants with crop tops or black leather jackets with embroidered jeans, the 90s had a distinct fashion that was all its own.

The same goes when looking back at 90’s hairstyles. Probably the most iconic 90s look was Jennifer Anniston as Rachel in the hit television Friends. Her chunky blonde highlights inspired all women in the 90s and would even carry on into the early 2000s.

Kim Kardashian, in a recent post on Instagram, shocked the interwebs with a picture of her sporting the borrowed 90s Jennifer Aniston look. Reportedly, the new look is in conjunction with the newest campaign for her beauty line KKW Beauty Mattes.

The new style showed Kim’s classic brown hair with lighter brown highlights. And to complete the full 90’s retro look, Kim also wore a choker necklace with a brown lipstick to be fully period correct.