Looking like a vintage beauty star back in the day had to have had its beauty hacks just we have today. Women back then didn’t have the advances we do in skincare and makeup so we’re sure they had some tricks up their sleeves that really worked.
Curious on what leading ladies did to look that fabulous back in the day? Here are some vintage beauty hacks you might want to try for yourself.
Sea salt. The secret to glowing skin back then was bathing and exfoliating with sea salt. Not only does it give you glowing skin by buffing away dead skin, it helps with washing away infections as well.
Blended strawberries as cleansers. To get clean and glowing skin, women would blend up strawberries and use the mixture to cleanse the skin. If you’d like to try this method, we recommend using it as face mask instead and adding other fruits like papaya and honey as well.
Rose petal liquid. For a light wash of pink color, women would mix rose petal water into their clear lip gloss. We’re not sure if the color from the roses is strong enough to show up or if it even mixes well with the thick lip gloss so the next best thing to use that rose liquid is on your face. Rose petal face mist helps with hydrating your face at any time of the day or even as a toner so give that a try if you’re looking to incorporate roses in your beauty routine.