With summer coming the beaches are starting to get crowded, often leaving little room for groups to get together on the beach. These giant island-sized floats can give you an oasis for your crew to keep cool in the water, not having to hassle over finding a spot on the beach. 

These new party bird island come in designs that will not only help you find your spot on the beach, but are a stylish statement-maker. The designs include a unicorn, flamingo, and peacock options. The float is 10 feet wide by 10 feet long, holding up to six adults at a time. 

The unicorn and flamingo options offer seats, cooler compartment, cup holders, and a mesh bottom to keep feet cool in water. The peacock option is a standard float. They’re available online and in-store at Sam’s Club for $150. 

Only thing left to decide is who will be invited to your float island, check out the video above for more of the island floats.