(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Red carpet looks from the NBA Draft

The NBA draft is probably the second biggest night in basketball, second only to game seven of the NBA finals. Hundreds of draftees patiently wait to see what fate has in store for them and where they will begin their new legacy. And for some, it’s not just about which team will they go to but also, making sure that their first appearance and outfit are on point to look the part.

When you think NBA draft, hardcore sports fanatics are thinking stats and stategizing their teams’ next pick. But for others, they watch the NBA draft for the fashion aspect of the show and draftees and even ESPN and news media are starting to take notice.

A few of the NBA draftees took fashion to the next level at the draft and people everywhere definitely took notice. Number one overall draft pick, Zion Williamson, was looking fresh dressed in a clean, all-white suit. R.J. Barret wore a classy pink suit with a slate grey shirt and tie. Probably the best dressed of the night was Nickiel Alexander-Walker, in a full, head to toe snakeskin suit.