These Dad Shoes Are No Joke

We love corny dad jokes, but what about dad sneakers? The latest evolution of the ugly foot wear trend, dad sneakers, is quickly blowing up the street style thanks to the approval of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Pioneered by Balenciaga, the fashion house also responsible for the platform crocs, dad sneakers are a bit chunkier than the average sneaker – reminiscent of the platform sketchers of the 90s. They might feel a bit more like a prop from Full House, than a luxury designer good.

So how might Danny Tanner become a 2019 style icon….

A street style phenomenon known as normcore: choosing to deliberately dress in unfashionable and a unpretentious way. Normcore dressing favors the comfort of nerdy white socks and bulky dad sneakers over the aesthetic of their appearance.

Although they’ve since transformed into a unisex trend, dad sneakers first debuted in Balenciaga menswear show. The style was the embodiment of normcore, as the show featured real life Parisian dads and their children instead of models to showcase the looks.

According to Vogue Editor in Chief, Anna Wintour, the rise of sneakers is symbolic for today’s women just wanting to women let loose of the typical confines of dressing. In her latest Go Ask Anna video, the known lover of Manolos endorsed wearing the normcore sneaker trend outside the gym.