Like George Clooney’s latest love interest or Lady Gaga’s hair color, fashion trends quickly come and go. For a fashionista, it’s a constant challenge, knowing what’s hot, what’s not and how long it will stay.

In the 70s, it was bell bottoms; the 80s brought Members Only jackets; music paved the way for flannel shirts and grunge denim in the 90’s. The 21st century has been unique in that along with being a fashion melting pot, new trends are literally at your fingertips. A click on your phone or computer, and you know what celebs are wearing, which styles debuting in Milan and what’s happening in your hometown.

Before we talk about what you’ll see in the hallways, let’s discuss some trends that will not, or at least should not, repeat. Chicago-Tribune writer Ellen Warren created a list of fashion flops that, like some Republican primary candidates, will fade in 2012:

Capes — unless you’re Superman, you don’t need one.

Shorts with tights — blending of summer and winter really doesn’t work.

Toning sneakers — Sketchers won’t be happy to hear this, these are the lazy way of exercising.

Platform stilettos — Voted the top Stupid Style pick of the year by Chicago-Tribune readers, this trend begs for an orthopedic surgeon or a clip for America’s Funniest Home Videos.

So now you know what’s out  for 2012!


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