I know that most of you are still happily enjoying summer, but I start school in the beginning of August, so for those of you who start with me, read this post now. For those lucky readers who don’t start until later, feel free to come back to this post later!

Some of the trends that we’re all seeing for the upcoming school year are:

Tribal prints

Yes, I do believe that this trend will follow us from the summer into the beginning of the school year. It will keep us all thinking of summer while we’re stuck in class. In the beginning of the school year, bright maxi dresses or skirts with tribal prints will still be okay, just try to retire them after a month or too of school. If you really want to keep them for fall and winter, try to find ones in shades of brown, black, darker green, or red. Tribal jewelry will be okay, just as long as it doesn’t too summery.


I think that we will be seeing many floral prints as fall rolls around this year. I expect to see many floral dresses, but styled and made to look more “fall” than “summer”. We’ll be seeing many floral dresses that are a little more rough to make them suitable for fall. I also predict many floral tops and skirts for this upcoming school year. I do think though that if you want to wear florals for the fall, try not to pick ones that look to summery, instead go for darker or more neutral colors and accessorize with fall jewelry. Showcase your florals with a masculine edge to avoid looking like you wish it was springtime.


I expect that we’ll be seeing a lot of lace in the upcoming fall season. We’ll see it in tops and dresses, as well as in accessories. Use lace to make your outfit a little more chic or sophisticated. You can also use lace to make your outfit just a little more girly or fun. I love to do a pastel-colored lace top with a black or white skirt, or just with jeans and sandals for a chic look. Also try jewel-colored lace for nighttime. Just make sure that your lace clothing is well-made though, because you don’t want to look too tacky. The goal with lace is to make your wardrobe more chic and girly.

Menswear Inspired

This trend may be for the more outgoing fashionista, but think that if you really like it, you should go for it! This more sophisticated trend has been gaining momentum, and it should be very popular for this upcoming school year. Try a nice button down shirt with jeans or tucked into a black mini skirt for a night out.  Also try a fun colored oxford shirt (like pink or yellow) to add an original twist on the trend. Oxford shoes are also making a big comeback in fashion. Lately I have been seeing them in many department stores. They are great shoes for school, because they are comfortable and stylish at the same time. They look great with jeans or dresses. For the menswear trend, also try a blazer. There are so many ones to choose from. There are  the simple black, white, or tan styles, or there are the bright or jewel colored styles. Basically any color or style if blazer will look great.


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