(Photo Source: Complex.com)

Is Iggy Azalea Truly “Fancy”?

Iggy Azalea is known for her impeccable style and expensive taste. As a self-made success story, she has a right to be a bit extra at times. But can she tell the difference?

Iggy Azalea is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and model from Australia. She is best known for her breakthrough album, The New Classic, with chart-topping hits like “Fancy” and “Work.” But what made her popular was her larger than life personality, style, and swagger. Coming from humble beginnings, Iggy Azalea raps about her success and her appreciation for expensive things.

So Cosmopolitan Magazine put her to the test. They tested her with everything from gummy bears and water, to fake hair weave and even perfume to see if the model and rapper could tell the difference between the expensive things and the cheap things. Surprisingly, or maybe not surprisingly, she was able to tell the difference between all six of the tests. But even with her upscale taste, she admits that her favorite meal is still a low buck hotdog like you would get from a baseball game.