Ad campaign sparks accusations of cultural appropriation

In the latest ad campaign for the Cardi B x Reebok collaboration, the photo features Cardi with several arms depicting the Hindu goddess Durga. The ad campaign photo received a lot of media attention online and accused Cardi B of cultural appropriation against Hindu culture.

Several people of the Hindu culture pointed out multiple reasons the controversial photos went against the beliefs of Hindu. Cardi B was depicting the Hindu goddess Durga that has eight arms bearing a weapon with each arm but Cardi is depicted as only one hand holding the new Club C shoe.

Another offensive detail of the photo is the depiction of shoes in a temple that is prohibited in Hindu culture. Others also tweeted negative comments saying that Durga wasn’t ever depicted as bare-bodied like Cardi in the photo that shows more disrespect against the Hindu culture.

Cardi later acknowledged and apologized for causing any offense of the Hindu culture with no intent on offending anyone. Cardi explains that the Reebok creatives told her that they were going to represent her as a goddess to represent femininity and strength.

Cardi concludes her statement by explaining that she didn’t think the final photo would offend any culture and it was not her intent as she doesn’t believe in disrespecting anyone’s religion. Reebok is working on creating a new campaign and will be more considerate in creating more mindful campaigns in the future starting with Cardi’s collection.