This season baseball caps have made the transition from bad hair day cover up to  full-on chic fall hat trend.  Before you get skeptical, you should probably know that fashion icons like Rihanna, Kristen Stewart, Jessica Simpson and Khloe Kardashian (who managed to pull off a backwards baseball cap) have all been spotted rock this casual hat style and looking absolutely chic while doing so.  What we love about the baseball cap trend, in addition to covering up our hair transgressions, it also adds a fun, youthful and playful touch to an ensemble. This fall if you’re in need of a hat that’s comfy, casual and über chic hat reach for a cute baseball cap!

When it comes to rocking this trend it’s true that you’re pretty much limited to casual outfits, since baseball caps at the workplace or formal affair are typically frowned upon. However within the casual outfit realm there are plenty of ways you can work a baseball cap into your look. For example throwing on a baseball cap with skinny jeans and a solid color or designer t-shirt can add an element to your ensemble that can take your outfit from plain to standout chic.

Never fear if you don’t have a favorite sports team to rep on your baseball cap, because this season both solid colored and message baseball caps are popular. We’ve seen super chic metallic baseball caps, classic solid black baseball caps as well as girly watercolor print baseball caps. When it comes to this trend there is truly something to suit every personal sense of style

Try The Trend Tips
Ladies it’s always wise to have a go-to baseball cap in your wardrobe repertoire and now is the time to rock this functional and fashionable trend.

Since the baseball cap world is inundated with literally hundreds of options it’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing the right hat for you. Our suggestion is to go with a simple solid black baseball cap to start; it will work with much of your existing wardrobe which makes it easier to integrate this accessory into your ensembles.

When it comes to your hair you can either opt for soft waves, a ponytail or even a fun braid, anything except a high bun since it’s never chic to look like a Conehead.