Collared shirts have been a staple piece for the preppy style for years.  But this year collared shirts are being used in exciting and refreshing ways and being paired with some unexpected items. We at chic trends love collared shirts because they can be styled for both play and work wear, depending on what you pair them with. Believe it or not a collared shirt can look just as sexy as a mini dress can.  Even if you’re going super casual with your outfit, the collared shirt will add a ladylike and polished touch to your ensemble.  We high recommend you work this multi-functional shirt into your wardrobe ASAP.

At the office its super simple to rock a chic collared shirt, pair wide leg trouser with a tucked in collared shirt for a sexy yet commanding work look. As for shoes we recommend going with a sleek pair of pumps to add the finishing touch to this look. If you want to wear a collared shirt in a fun and fresh way we recommend pairing an oversized collared shirt with leather leggings and bold ankle boots. This look screams youthful and playful, however the collared shirt helps to give the look a grown up appeal.

Try The Trend Tips

We hope you’re ready to add a few collared shirts to your wardrobe and to help you master this trend here are a few key tips.

A collared shirt will probably make you look a little younger and more juvenile, so remember to add some grown up elements to your look like killer heels, a studded bag or leather pieces.

Just because the shirt has a collar does not mean you have to button it all the way up, leave a few top buttons undone to add a more relaxed feel to this trend.