As far as hairstyle trends are concerned braids have taken the cake this year, braided tresses are all the rage and we love how celebrities and everyday fashionistas are working unique and interesting hair twists into their updo’s. Braids in general are super chic but recently we have seen an influx of up-dos with braided touches. Everything from the messy bun with a braid mixed into it or an  intricate fishtail braid inter-weaved within classic updo styles.  The addition of a braid to an updo can make it look fun, fresh and youthful not to  mention unique and very chic.  One of our favorite ways to rock a braided updo is to style your hair into a high bun with a braid wrapped around the base. Of course a high bun always looks polished and chic but the braid adds another layer of elegance to we just love.  This style is pretty simple to do on your own and requires just a little bit of hair product.

Steps To a Braided Up-Do 

  • Style your hair into a sleek high ponytail, being sure to secure any flyaways and liberally gel or hairspray any unruly strands if need.
  • Separate out a little section of hair from the ponytail for your braid, twist the remaining portion of the ponytail into a neat bun.
  • With the little section of hair that remains, braid it and secure it with a small rubber band at the end.
  • Then take the braid and wrap it around the base of the bun, tucking in the end of the braid and securing it with a bobby pin.
  • Apply a few final spritzes of hairspray and shine serum and you’ll be looking super chic and very sophisticated.