Handbags and purses are ever evolving in the fashion world. They change style constantly, and at times it can be a little hard to put your finger on the pulse of the style. This year we have noticed an array of countless different styles of purses, in all the colors of the rainbow and everything in between. Whether it’s a multipurpose bag for work or a cute clutch for date night, your purse can make or break your outfit. That’s why it’s important to pick the right one, to help you out this fall we have put together our list of must-have handbags for fall.

For The Office

At work the goal of a purse is functionality as well as beauty. This year we are loving large, multipurpose totes in bright bold colors. This is a great way to make a subtle yet bold fashion statement at the office.  The most popular colors at the moment seem to be shades of red, emerald and vivid neon’s.

For The Party

For a holiday cocktail party nothing is more fashionable than a metallic clutch. The latest color trends for clutches are silver, gold, bronze or a tri-colored mixture of all three. The best part is that it’s easy to match your accessories to metallic hues, so you won’t have a hard time matching your other outfit accessories to your handbag.

For The Weekend

For a casual weekend filled with errand running we think the shoulder bag is the best bet.  This retro look is coming back into fashion and designers are having fun playing with different prints, colors and textures. You can opt to wear the shoulder bag off to one side or across the chest, the latter being the more modern option.