It only takes one little rip, run or stain to ruin an outfit, and unless you plan on spending the day inside you’re going to encounter some wardrobe malfunctions in your future. Fortunately there are a few key products that can help correct some of the most common clothing issues, from ripped leggings to a stained blouse. Best of all these products are affordable, portable and easy to use.

Stain Removing Pen
This should always be in your clutch, purse or car, somewhere nearby. A stain remover pen can save you from a night of embarrassment that comes after spending the entire evening with a stain on your shirt. It can also help save your fashion item from being ruined forever. Best of all they are super inexpensive, can be found at your local drugstore and fit perfectly in even the smallest of handbags.

Clear Nail Polish
Clear nail polish isn’t only for sealing that top coat of nail polish; it will also help stop a run in your stockings. If you notice a little hole or run at the top of your stockings, dabbing on a little clear nail polish will stop the run from progressing all the way down the length of your leg.  Although we still recommend getting rid of that pair of stocking once the day is over, the clear nail polished will at least halt the run in its tracks before it gets any worse.

Double Stick Tape
Ok ladies I’m sure most of you can guess what this next item is used for. Double stick tape is a must if you plan on going out with a daringly revealing low cut top.  A few strategically placed strips of double stick tape can save you from a huge wardrobe malfunction later. Double stick tape specifically for clothing is made but if all you have is the regular kind that will do just fine.