When you first hear the phrase, feathered skirt, you probably picture something straight out of a burlesque show. Well now is the time to change your view of these fun feathered fashion pieces. We have seen feathered skirts all over the red carpet worn by start like Beyoncé, Kate Bosworth, Blake Lively and Diana Kruger.  We have also spotted these fluffy skirts at the runway shows of notable fashion designers such as, Alexander McQueen, Giamattista Valli, and Louis Vuitton. A feathered skirt can add texture and depth to an outfit, taking it from ordinary to extremely extraordinary.

There are two common types of feathered skirts, ones that have a fluffy effect typically made out of ostrich feathers. This first type of feathered skirt tends to have more movement and make a larger statement. We recommend it for cocktail parties or a girl’s night out, since it really screams fun. The other common type of feathered skirt is more understated and generally made of flat feathers that don’t poof out. This type of skirt is better suited for a date night or even just a fun afternoon out. Since this type of feather skirt has less fluffy it tends to be a bit more flattering on the female figure.

Try The Trend Tips

Ready to ruffle some feathers in a feathered skirt this year (pun intended). Well here are a few tips to help you avoid a feather fashion flop.

Keep in mind proportions when wearing a feathered skirt, since the addition of feathers can may you look a little bottom heavy, you may need to anchor that with a blazer or jacket up top.  Also make sure that your waist is cinched when wearing a feather skirt, that way you still have the hourglass figure effect.

Play with different colors, we have seen feather skirt in everything from cobalt blue to rainbow, so there is no need to stick with plain old black or white.