Alexa Chung is a British writer, host, model and fashion designer. She has also written two books, It and it: Uber Style. Her latest endeavor is launching her own fashion line. Alexa talks inspiration and shows us her first fashion collection. Alexa talks about her new line of clothing and how she has an inspiration of tomboyish-ness meets femininity. She says that while practicality doesn’t sound sexy, she wants her close to be “shit you would want to wear”.

Some celebrities she would love to see wearing her line are Rihanna, Elle Fanning, Diane Kruger, or Roan Blanchard. There are so many, Alexa could go on and on. One of Alexa’s favorite pieces from her collection is a raincoat. She would be able to get the most out of it and feels like it is the most versatile piece of her collection. Her favorite piece from her collection is a very “jazzy” sequined dress. She thinks that this is a great dress even though she is not brave enough to wear it.

After being a trendsetter for years, Alexa has 2.6 million Instagram followers. She has collaborated on collections with Madewell and Marks & Spencer, so going off on her own to create her own collection was the logical next step. While she has no formal design training, her eye for fashion has allowed her to create a collection of clothes that people will pay a lot of money for and will enjoy wearing.