(Photo Source: Vogue)

It’s kind of anything goes but in a fresh and organized manner

Some things are staying put (red lipstick lovers, no worries for you, as that trend is not going anywhere – probably ever) some are getting a shot at a major comeback (pale blue eye shadow? Good to see you back!) and then there the wow-factor additions that are sure to shake things up.

Purple is the new eyeliner go-to color
The plummy shade is solidifying its spot as the color that’s making serious waves in the beauty world. Models at the Spring 2020 Balmain show, for instance, were sporting a sort of smudgy, nonchalant line along the lower lash line, which resulted in a drama-filled gaze and made eyes pop up in an unexpected way.

Pastel blue eye shadow
This is one of those trends that we expect to see hit colossal volumes of part-takers. Come spring, expect to see the look – as seen on Gigi Hadid at the Marc Jacobs show – to adorn the eyes of everyone on your social media feeds, the office and, well, pretty much everywhere else. It is something that doesn’t require a lot of precision (a fluffy eye shadow brush and a few deliberate strokes across the top and bottom lids will do it) but the effect can be smashing. The paler the shade, the icier the vibe.

Good kind of creasing
The liner game is changing. We all better get used it – and fast. No longer is the line reserved for the lash line, only. It is movin’ on up and finding it’s the most coveted destination this spring somewhere between that zone and the brow bone – AKA the crease area.

It’s the color scheme that’s most exhilarating here: neon. All shades of neon are game, however, we project that hot pink, as spotted on the Versace spring 2020 runway show, will lead the pack.

Winning combo
The color trend keeps on rolling, with this dynamic duo idea, used on models at the Oscar de la Renta show, for instance. As experimental as it may seem at first, it actually is pretty wearable and fairly easy to pull off.

Pick two shades that work best for you, use one on the top lid and the other for the lower lash line. Ensure that the colors are flattering and outfit compatible and, wait for the compliments to start rolling in. Don’t forget several coats of black mascara, to finish off the look.

The Neon Meow
The cat-eye is here to stay and we definitely do not object. Granted, it is a technique that takes some mastering, but we’ve had some time now to adjust to this classic mainstay and we feel that we’ve got a pretty good handle on it.

The twist for Spring is that the liner we’ll be seeing (or wearing!) will seldom be black. Models at the runway show, such as Helmut Lang, wore their wings in bright, neon shades, such as green or pink.

Euphoric Sparkles
Remember how “Euphoria”-inspired makeup was all the rage in 2019? The huge trend has definitely spilled over into 2020 and, it’s been taken up about a level. Eyes will be sparkly, there will be stickers worn around the eyes and yes, there will be glitter.

Perhaps not a universally wearable trend, but definitely one that’s fun, exciting and attention-grabbing, if that’s the mode you’re in. A good example of the sparkle-rama done just right was executed by Fendi, at their spring 2020 show.

Glossed (all) over
Nothing beats a minimal-looking, low-fuss-but-high-impact makeup look – along the lines of what Chanel’s models were wearing at the fashion powerhouse’s spring 2020 show. It is definitely all about the gloss and having it placed in all the right angles on the face, from the lids to the lips and everywhere in between.

You know how the no-makeup-makeup-look is no walk in the park when it comes to successful execution? This look is very similar in that sense. This is not to say that it’s not worth trying out, as many times as necessary, until you achieve the level of glow you desire and feel comfortable with rocking.