Spring 2013 is definitely the time to strut your stuff in comfy shoes, first it was the chunky heels trend and now low heels are making a splash. Fortunately for our feet this trend is super fashionable, flattering and comfortable. So ladies we think it’s time to give your sky high stilettos a break and go for low (3 inches or under) heeled shoes this spring. Major shoe brands like Peter Som, Louis Vuitton and Mark Jacobs have featured low heels at their runway shows which goes to show that this trend is here at stay…..for a little while at least.

If you want to add some low heels to your wardrobe that are office appropriate we suggest opting for low heel pumps or sling-backs. Pair your low heels with a geometric printed shift dress and you’ll have a comfy yet sophisticated and polished work ensemble. If you’re looking for low heels that are more party appropriate then we suggest going for a bold and statement making pair of low heels. Look for low heels in bright pastel hues like peach or mint. Or you could opt for fun embellishments like studs or a bow at the tip of the shoe.


Try The Trend Tips

The low heel trend is chic, sweet and comfy so we highly recommend you give it a try this year, and to help you master this look here are a few tips.

Low heels look great with tailored trousers, since low heels won’t elongate your legs as much as stilettos its important to keep your legs looking long and lean and a pair of perfectly fitted pants can do just that.

Try out pointed low heels for the office, they are far more fun to wear then the plain old pumps and you’ll still be super comfortable in them all day.