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The beauty benefits of gua sha

Beauty trends seem to come and go but gua sha is here to stay. Pronounced “gwa sha,” this is a skincare tool that you can use for a facial massage with a unique shape to target different areas on the face.

Gua sha is used in ancient Chinese medicine with gua meaning to press/stroke and sha describes the temporary red flush that you’ll experience after use. Gua sha is amazing for relieving tensions, reviving skin, and reduce the puffy skin.

Facial gua sha helps to relax your facial muscles while stimulating elastin production and supports collagen through the dermis (exposed top layer of skin). Other benefits include glowing skin, increase circulation, release congestion, and aid lymphatic flow.

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If you’re not sold on all the amazing health and beauty benefits, maybe you’ll convert after knowing how easy it is to use. You can use it in or out of the shower in the morning to wake you up and before bed to relax your skin.

There’s no right or wrong way to use a gua sha simply follow the recommendation to use after cleansing and before any moisturizers or creams to keep clean. You also don’t have to master a certain technique, just do what feels good and your skin will thank you with glowing results.

A basic routine to follow is super simple:

– Angle the tool 45 degrees using the rounded edges to press/stroke the forehead, cheekbones, and lips.

– Use the double curve edge on your jawline and throat.

– Press the gua sha tool gently on the face and neck.

– Gently press and hold the gua sha under each eye, then over each eye, and finish with the shut lids of your eyes.

– Press/stroke downwards to drain the lymph glands of excess fluid.

You can create your own routine that caters to your skin best to your beauty routine. Gua sha is worth trying with thousands of years of ancient Chinese medicine to prove it.