With winter around the corner, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your stylist to make sure your hair is ready for the changing seasons. Moving into cooler tones and cooler temperatures mean swapping those highlights for lowlights and the perfect time to drastically change your hair. A blunt lob is always a good winter option or the addition of extensions for extra neck warmth for the coming months. A honey brass-like tone also seems to be a popular trend in hair for late fall and early winter.

The color universally looks good on every skin tone and hair type. A dark blonde with ashy undertones, this smoky honey-toned hair trend perfectly combines the sun-kissed warmth of summer tones with the cooled down muted tones of fall. By placing the lighter pieces towards the face and gradually moving darker around the skull, the style operates in a latitude balayage that brightens your features and still matches all the fun sweaters and coats in your wardrobe.

The color is expected to blow up with the season and will be easy to lighten back up once spring comes along.