Paisley is a classic curled leaf shape design that was popular in ancient Eastern culture. The paisley design was then imported into Europe in the middle of the 17th century, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that the design became widely popular. The trend officially got its name, paisley, during the 1960’s when the design surged back into fashion, as the Beatles and other hippy favorites embraced paisley adorned clothing. Now designers like Stella McCartney favor the splashy free flowing vibe of paisley, as seen at this year’s fashion week runway shows. It’s not only women that love the paisley look; the pattern has also been seen at many of 2012’s men’s fashion shows, now that’s a versatile pattern.

For a lovely summer day paisley ensemble we recommend pairing a paisley shirt that has pastel and peach colors with wide leg white trousers. This look is very resort style chic, and perfect for being out and about on a summer day. For a fall appropriate paisley look we suggest wearing a paisley print maxi dress with darker colors like, brown, black, forest greens or midnight blue. Finish off your look with a classic pair of black pumps and you’ll be good to go. This look defiantly channels the boho chic vibe, while the smart heels add an element of sensibility to the whole ensemble.

Try The Trend Tips

We hope you’re thinking about slipping into an adorably chic paisley adorned outfit soon, but before you do, take a look at some helpful tips on mastering the trend.

A great way to test the paisley waters is to invest in a paisley print bag. They are very popular at the moment and will give you a chance to play with the colors, boldness of the print and matching it with items you already own.

Remember paisley has the same effect as neon; it draws a large amount of attention. So make sure whatever paisley piece you choose to wear is fitted perfectly and is not being worn to detract attention away from a particular body area.