There is no doubt that sheer fabric is taking over the fashion world, from sleeves to dresses, sheer details are adding a hint of mystery and sex appeal to everything.  Most recently we have seen an influx of sheer skirts on both the runway and the red carpet. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Kirsten Dunst, Madonna, and Naomi Campbell have all recently donned sexy sheer skirts at red carpet events. This particular trend is perfect for ladies who like the look of sheer dresses but still wanted to keep things classy and sophisticated. Similar to the high-lo skirt trend, the sheer skirt trend shows off your legs while keep your outfit understated and tasteful.

For fall we recommend pairing a maroon sheer skirt with a tucked in black tank top and a black leather jacket. This look works because in utilizes rich maroon which is on trend to become very popular this fall, and the sheer skirt adds just the right amount of exposed skin. During summer time we recommend pairing a peach toned sheer skirt with a racer back white tank top. This look is simple and effortless, plus the color scheme channels the beautiful hues of summertime.

Try The Trend Tips

There is no doubt the sheer skirts are the next “it” thing in the realm of sheer fashion. So why not take a chance and rock a sheer skirt the next time you’re looking for something new and fresh to wear.

A great variation of this trend would be to pair a completely sheer maxi skirt with hot pants underneath, similar to a red carpet outfit recently worn by model turned actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

If you’re looking for a classic version of this trend opt for a lace dress which has a lining shorter than the dress. This will cause the dress to be sheer at the bottom, adding more sex appeal and youth to a simple lace dress.