Rita Ora is teaming up with footwear designer Giuseppe Zanotti on an exclusive new collection.

It’s not the first time for the singer to explore the world of fashion, nor is it Zanotti’s first time to team up with a celebrity partner. In 2014, Ora partnered with Adidas Originals on their athleisure and sneakers. As for Zanotti, he has already worked with other celebrities such as Zayn Malik and Jennifer Lopez.

According to Giuseppe Zanotti, he admires the singer’s ability to multitask. He says, “I love working with artists because they’re very efficient.”

Zanotti asked Ora for photos of her favorite shoes, basing on those before letting his imagination take the reins. According to reports, the Giuseppe for Rita Ora collection includes “slides, stiletto sandals, pointed-toe mules and knee-high, peep-toe boots with a chunky Cuban Link chain on the heel.”

Each of their footwear choices has a very personal backstory behind it. Some are their personal favorites, others are inspired. While some have very special meanings to them.

“I’ve always loved his slides, so I knew we had to do a pair, it was a shoe that I remember always wanting, then saving money for, and buying. I also really like the look of PVC so that definitely had to be included,” Ora says.