It’s time for another blast from the past trend, and this time we are talking past as in the 1800’s. The smoking slipper originally started out as a shoe made for the upper class to wear whilst entertaining guests. The most memorable wearer of this trend is probably Hugh Hefner, who made the smoking slipper part of his iconic look and still rocks the style to this day. Now-a-days the smoking slipper has become one for the hottest footwear trends for summer, fall and winter this year.

Not to dis our favorite pair of comfy ballet flats, but we are so happy to see a fun fashionable alternative this year. Smoking slippers have recently graced the feet of celebrity chicistas like Alexa Chung, Miranda Kerr, Kate Moss and Olivia Palermo. We love that these chic little shoes can be paired with not only formal outfits, but the most casual of ensembles as well. For example, you can throw on a simple pair of black smoking slippers to dress up a designer t-shirts and jeans or to accents the perfect little mod shift dress.  As usual there are plenty of different chic ways to rock this trend, but we can’t help picking out our favorites, as you can see below.

Studded Smoking Slippers
The studded smoking slipper is the perfect shoe to opt for if you’re going for the punkish in pink look or any other stylish blend of rocker chic and sweet girl glam.  We’re loving black slippers with either silver or gold studs, because they’ll play well with what’s already in your existing wardrobe.

Animal Print Smoking Slippers
This is by far the most beloved way to rock this trend. Go for cheetah, leopard or even python print, which ever animal color scheme floats your boat is perfectly fine. We suggest pairing your animal print smoking slippers with an adorable pair of scalloped shorts for a fresh and youthful ensemble.

Monochrome Smoking Slippers
Black and white is a great way to go for smoking slipper newbies. Just slip a pair on with simple black trousers or let them contrast against a pair of floral print trousers.