Every girl loves putting on makeup and how it makes you feel. But what does a girl love even more than makeup? Great beauty tips!

We’ve rounded up our best beauty tips to help you get gorgeous as easy possible.


Dewy skin. Nothing says healthy skin more than a gorgeous glow. Mix a 2:1 ratio of foundation and your favorite face oil or serum for healthy glowing skin. If you’re more into matte skin but still want some sheen, scrape a little bit of a shimmery champagne colored eye shadow into your foundation for the same effect.

Lash curler. Can’t find your eyelash curler? No problem. Take a clean spoon and place it on the root of your top lashes. With your thumb, push the lashes up and against the edge of the spoon as if mimicking the clamp of an eyelash curler. Do this and you’ll never have to buy an eyelash curler again.

Set your lipstick in place. Creamy lipstick tends to run or bleed during the day especially if you’re eating. To prevent it from moving around, place a tissue on your lips and apply some translucent powder with a powder brush.

Tinted eyebrow gel. There’s no need to buy eyebrow gel if you can make your own. Mix aloe gel or clear hair gel with a bit of your own eyebrow powder and set those hairs in place.

Blush. For a natural flush of color, dab a bit of whatever lipstick or lip tint you used on your lips onto your cheeks. It’ll save you time and money!

Face mask. To help your pores look smaller, place your favorite sheet mask in the fridge for at least 15 minutes prior to application. The cold mask will help to shrink them while providing target treatment for your face.

De-puff your face. If your face is looking a bit puffy in the morning (late night snacking, perhaps?), have some green tea ice cubes on hand at all times and rub it all over your face. It’ll help to tighten your face and deliver anti-oxidants for anti-again benefits.