Call it Aztec, Navajo, Mexican, no matter what the name, the fact is South American prints have been taking center stage in 2012. Designers like Chanel, have been showcasing the colorful prints of their garments this year. Stars like Kim Kardashian, Lauren Conrad and Rihanna have been spotted following the playful trend. This year South American prints are getting a sophisticated make over, helping to transition the fun funky prints to formal environments. From maxi dresses to purses, this trendy print fad is making a splash this season.

South American prints have a close fashion cousin and are often mistaken for tribal prints. Though both are very similar, South American prints tend to deal with bolder colors and more triangular shapes. This trend is perfect for the summer months and lends its self well to color blocking, another popular technique for wearing bold colors. For a casual outing pair a South American print maxi dress with gladiator sandals. This look is casual, and the print makes it funky and youthful. For a more glamorous look pair a pastel toned South American print mini dress with a black blazer and understated black pumps. This look is sleek, sexy and classy, while still exuding energy because of the playful print.

Try The Trend Tip

Ready to head to South American with your wardrobe, here are a few tips to help you avoid a South American print disaster.

Moderation is key with this type of style, avoid pairing South American prints with moccasins, feathers or fringe, this can make your outfit look like a costume. Instead keep your accessories minimal and let your new fun print take center stage.

Don’t be afraid to add texture when wearing a South American print. Try throwing on some leather boots or faux fur in the winter time. This will add to the playfulness of your style without looking overly busy,

Try South American print accessories, like scarves, headbands and purses, instead of clothing pieces. This is a subtle way to rock the trend and prevent the print from taking over your outfit.