Tis the season to celebrate the love of  family and friends (and sometimes complete strangers……à la Wedding Crashers), yes its wedding season again ladies. A summer wedding calls for fashion that reflects the joy and beauty of the occasion. While it may not necessarily be your special day, it doesn’t mean you can’t look absolutely stunning and chic. Below you’ll find our three favorite summertime wedding wear trends.  From casual beach weddings to formal summer affairs, these trends have got you covered, ensuring that you’ll be the 2nd best dressed lady there.

Barely There Hues
Of course wearing white too a wedding is off limits unless expressly requested by the bride, but barely there hues are a totally different story. Light hues of mint, peach, lavender or beige, make for the perfect summertime wedding dress choice. For a casual beach style affair opt for a glowing peach sundress and for dressier weddings opt for a nude cocktail dress with bold gold accessories.  Pair your lightly colored dress with nude heels and fresh faced makeup to finish off your look.


Fresh Floral Prints
Floral printed dresses are a great way to make a subtle statement at a summer wedding. Look for watercolor prints that have a delicate artistic quality for daytime garden/outdoor weddings.  For more formal evening affairs try out a floral print dress with dark hues like navy, black or dark gray.


Floaty Flouncy Fabrics
Floaty fabrics automatically make us think of romance and ethereal beauty. So bring this look to a wedding by opting for a floaty maxi dress, cocktail dress or even a well-tailored formal jumpsuit. Not only are fabrics that move chic, they tend to allow for more breathing room, which is essential at hot outdoor summer weddings.  Be sure that if you opt for a floaty dress your waist is defined, at times these types of fabric can be loose causing your curves to get lost, a well placed belt can help solve this problem.