It may be time for the ever loved little black dress to take a back seat to a new, flirty and fun trend known as the little printed dress. Prints are very trendy right now, from modern geometric prints to classic floral patterns, this look is one to add to your wardrobe.  With so many printed dresses out there to choose from it can get a little confusing trying to figure out which one will look best on you.  To help you weed though the sea of prints we put together our top three printed dresses that we think you should have in your closet.

Floral Print Dress

The floral print dress is so versatile and that’s what makes it one of our favorite printed dresses. You can pair it with cute sandals and a braided belt for a chic summer time look. Or you could opt to pair your floral dress with ripped tights and grunge style boots for an edgy fall look.

Leopard Print Dress

The leopard print dress is a great alternative to the little black dress for date night. A leopard print dress is super sexy,  a little mysterious and ultra-chic. You could opt for a leopard print mini dress and add in some punk inspired ankle boots for a trendy night time look. Or you could opt to go for a leopard print maxi dress and pair it with nude sandals for a more casual day time style.

Geometric Print Dress

The geometric printed dress is perfect for the office or a happy hour after work. We suggest looking for a geometric print shift dress, since the cut of the dress is super simple it can benefit from a bold print. Pair your geometric print dress with simple shoes and accessories so your look avoids becoming too busy .