The trench coat was originally created by Burberry in 1914 during WWI; it was to be used as an officer’s coat whilst they were in the dugout trenches along the enemy lines. After the war the look became popular with civilians in the 1920’s and still hold its popularity to this day. The trench coat is now recognized as a classic fall/winter fashion piece and is worn the world over. The timeless structure, coupled with the sophisticated shape makes this a trend that is sure to withstand the tests of time. Now-a-days this fashionable coat isn’t just for weathering the rain and cold, ladies everywhere are using it as a classic statement piece, wearing it in both elegant and edgy ways.

For a casual trench coat look nothing is simpler than paring an open khaki trench coat with dark skinny jeans and a black top. This look is classic, polished and sophisticated, and although it’s very casual there is still an element of elegance thanks to the trench coat. For a more formal outing we recommend pairing a fitted knee length black trench coat with a cute jewel toned mini dress.  This look says sexy, alluring and mysterious. We love the way a fitted trench can accentuate a woman’s curves while keeping her covered and classy.

Try The Trend Tips

We hope you’re ready to take a trip around town in a cute trench coat, but before you do, here are a few tips to help you master the trench trend.

If you’re trench coat has a belt we suggest tying a knot around your waist with it. Not only will it accent your figure but it will act as a playful little touch to your ensemble.

Opt for a bright colored trench, like fire engine red, a soft but vivid pastel or even bold neon. Allow your trench to be the focal point of your outfit, just make sure anything else you wear does not compete with your trench coat for attention.

Pull your hair up when wearing a trench coat so that you can show off the classic structure of the collar. If your hair is resting on the rather large collar of a trench coat, it may make you look a bit busy or messy.