Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week

While Instagram and popular culture seems transfixed in the 90s, Nicolas Ghesquière the king of welding elemental fashion takes Louis Vuitton latest ready to wear collection back to the 80s.

As told by Vogue, Ghesquière was inspired by Centre Pompidou a central location in the Paris’ fourth arrondissement where subcultures melted together creating a place where self-expression was raw, welcomed, and free from the confines of any matching Instagram grid free.

Image Source: Instagram

The collection highlighted all of Ghesquière’s strengths. Unexpected silhouettes beautifully constructed with large shoulders that give a nod to the cliche recollections of 80s style. Designs were comprised of layers, upon, layers, of textured fabric, from sequins, to floral prints, ruffles, and leather, each piece was comprised with a number of components to create the most eclectic collection in all of Paris Fashion Week.

The setting was also extravagant. Primary colored scaffolding and piping were build to replicate the exterior of the Centre Pompidou.

Nicolas Ghesquière ready to wear continue to be well received. Although the designer plays with eclecticism, the traditional Vuitton women is always at the heart of the piece. With many wearable everyday pieces being presented.

Image Source: Instagram

Fashion journalist Sophie Samoylovich sums up the collection best when she told media, “Nicolas Ghesquière is one of my favorite designers. Its honestly because I think he’s kind of old school, and he can do amazing outfits with perfect balance of proportions, colors, and at the same time he is very modern, but you can feel the DNA, and the very sophisticated DNA of the brand.”