If flawless elegance had a face, Lupita Nyong’o would be the poster child. Lupita always looks stunning no matter the occasion and is often looked to for amazing skin and makeup looks. Luckily for us fans, her makeup artist Nick Barose gives us the inside scoop on how to look as flawless as Lupita especially if you have a darker complexion.


Test foundation in the daylight. Finding that perfect shade can be difficult especially if there aren’t many lines that come close to your skin color. Get a sample, if possible, swatch it on your jawline and look at it when you’re outside. This will help ensure that the color matches your face as close as possible.

Skip the contouring and go straight for blush. Nick explains that when you have a dark complexion, you’re going to have to use really dark colors and that can really drain your face. Instead, make your face look lively by using blush and highlighting your cheekbones to bring them out and avoid having to use contour at all.

Follow the shape of your own brow. Your brows are meant to fit your own eye shape and over-plucking or over-filling can distort your face’s symmetry. Follow your own shape and only fill where hairs are lacking.

Use brown eyeliner instead of black. On darker complexions, it’s all about opening the eyes and black does the complete opposite. Use a brown liner instead to avoid closing the eyes while still making the roots of the lashes look full.

Don’t be afraid of color. Colors look different on everyone due to the skin’s color and undertones. While a bright orange lip balm may look almost neon on a pale girl, on a darker girl the color can change to coral or even pink. Try different colors that you usually wouldn’t go for and discover how amazing they can actually look.

To see more tips, check out the video and watch a full demonstration of how it’s done.
(Cover image: VOGUE)