When you get a wedding invitation in the mail the first thought that goes through most women heads is, “What am I going to wear”. After an hour of search in our closests we generally come to the conclusion that we have nothing and need to go shopping. It’s here that things get tricky; dressing for a wedding can be quite a difficult task. Unless the attire is specified and outlined on the wedding invitation it can be hard to figure out what dress would be most appropriate.  But if you invest in a few wedding season staples you’ll always have just the right thing to wear hanging in your closet.

Floor Length Gown

If the invitation specifically says black tie, then a floor length gown is defiantly the way to go.  We suggest taking the wedding venue into account before going shopping for a dress. If the wedding is outdoors you will want to opt for a darker floor length gown, this will hopefully conceal any grass or dirt marks that may get on the dress while you’re walking around outside during the event. Consider the fit of your floor length gown very carefully, you may need to get the bottom hemmed if you think you’ll be tripping over it all night.

Knee Length Sundress

Knee length sundresses are perfect for afternoon garden weddings, which are very popular in spring and summer time. We suggest pairing your sundress with fancy wedge heels, that way you’ll be able to walk on the grass comfortably, while still elongating the look of your legs.

Knee Length Cocktail Dress

The knee length cocktail dress is ideal for any evening wedding that is formal but not black tie. You can really play around here and look for a dress with sequins or even in a fun color, just remember to keep things classy. Of course, you can’t out shine the bride but you’ll be the second best dressed at the event.