It’s summertime and that means more time for fun in the sun!! After just coming from cooler weather there is nothing we’re craving more than sitting in the sun for hours on end soaking up every bit of sun we can possibly get in order to get that summertime glow. However, even though we love to spend all day hanging with friends and family by the pool the sun can get hot and if you don’t use the proper sunscreen to protect your skin you could end the day looking like a lobster. With that being said, we’ve found the perfect sunscreen for you to use. It’s called Sun-Defying Sunscreen Oil SPF 50 protects and replenishes skin with a lightweight, non-greasy feel….and we’re obsessed!


What Makes This Product Worth It?

  • Infused with tocotrienols
  • 60x more powerful than Vitamin E
  • Helps to neutralize skin aging free-radical damage
  • Meadowfoam seed oil reinforces skin’s natural lipid barrier
  • Who Is This Ideal For
    This product is perfect for all skin types.