Everyone’s gotten a manicure in their life from one time or another, right? Whether you go for minimal designs or solid colors, lately people have been getting very intense. You could also say extra, with their nail art.

From glitzy gemstones to 3D fur, the nail art is wildly popular. This crazy new trend has been seeing on the runway, especially during the New York Fashion Week, and even to the streets.

People are putting crazy things from fabric to plastic butterflies on their claws. Though it may be fun and crazy, it takes almost 3 hours to achieve any type of 3D look (which can be an inconvenience for daily wear).

There’s also a hefty price tag, 3-D nail art can cost hundreds of dollars! When it comes to trying out through the nail art, it’s either go big or go home! It’s all about your imagination and what fits you and your personality.

There is a lot of glue, plastic extensions, and drill machines involved. Your nails will definitely be the center of attention. It can be fun, though some may say it’s not practical for everyday life.

Check out the video above for more nail art inspiration.