Often when curling hair, it’s hard to know which iron to use for which curly hairstyle we want to create. So in order to take out the guesswork we are going to show you what eight different curling wand sizes can do for your hair and how to achieve three different curly looks for long hair.

Beachy Waves


There are so many ways to get the beachy hair look, but one of the most popular is to use a curling wand and a 18mm-25mm wand size. It’s perfect for achieving the barely there beach waves. First, your going to want to pull back the top portion of your hair and curl the underneath section. Then repeat with the top half. When you’re finished apply defining cream to create the perfect look.

Large Loose Waves


For this look your going to want to use a 1-1/4” wand. This will give you the best look for glam waves. First, you’re going to want to create a deep side part, curl in one section towards your face, and repeat throughout your whole head. When finished be sure to apply hairspray and lightly brush through.

Funky Waves


For some fun and funky waves you are going to want to use the pearl wand. This will give you ‘they’re real’ curl feel. Start by pulling the top portion of your hair back and curl ½ in sections. Do that throughout the bottom portion and then take down your top portion and repeat. Don’t forget to apply hairspray and run your finger through your hair when finished.

For more awesome looks to spice up your hairstyle be sure to check out the video above.