It’s officially summer and what better way to start the season off then with 3 quick ways to shake up your hairstyle…this is for everyone!!


The Side Sweep
What You’ll Need: Soothing Balm
First pull your hair into a deep side part. Comb strays into place. Then set with balm.
Tip: Find your perfect side part by matching it to the arch of your brow.

Easy Up Do
What You’ll Need:Kirby Grips
First you’re going to want to pull back your hair with your bands. Twist upwards. Then, secure with grips.
Tip: Don’t worry if pieces fall out, this look does look greta a little bit undone.

Tousled Texture
What You’ll Need:Large Barreled Tong
First point the tong downwards and then wrap random sections of hair around creating a wavy look!
Tip: Alternate curling towards and away from the face for a relaxed look.