Coloring your hair is one of life’s little pleasures as it gives you the option to feel and look like a brand new person. Whether it’s a classic solid color or you feel like trying the pastel hair trend, coloring your hair at home gives you the option to do so. It’s also a bargain considering how much you would have to pay at a salon to get the hair change done.
hennaThe advantage of getting your hair colored at a salon is that professionals are handling your hair and get it right every time. If you’re coloring your hair at home and want to avoid making mistakes that can damage your hair or skin, avoid doing the following:
Starting the timer after you’ve already applied all of the dye. Most women make the mistake of counting time after they’ve finished applying the dye and that can lead to some serious damage. You should start counting the moment you first apply the dye and that’s why it recommended you work as quickly as possible to get even timing on the whole head.
Not protecting your skin. The dye you apply to your hair is permanent so that means the staying power is pretty strong. Imagine how long that would take to get off of the skin around the hairline if you didn’t protect it. Apply a liberal amount all around the hairline to prevent staining your skin.
Coloring your hair when it’s squeaky clean. Hair dye is very strong so irritation can and will occur if your hair is too clean. The natural oils on your scalp help protect both your hair and scalp to prevent irritation so be sure to color the hair after a day or more of not washing it.