Attention all party hoppers! If you have a jam-packed schedule of holiday parties that take you from work to party or just from party to party, you’re going to want to change it up a bit, especially with your hair. As much as going to the salon to get your hair done is appealing, you’re probably going to be short on time so the next best thing is working with what you already have—and some dry shampoo.

Try out these 3 holiday hairstyles that will take you 5 minutes or less.

drybarThe power ponytail. Create a part where your normally would (middle or side but you can always pull all the hair back) and secure the hair around the middle of your head with a thin hair tie. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the elastic. Secure it with a bobby pin to keep it in place. Add your own twist by leaving your bangs down or pulling a few hairs out to make it wispy. If your hair is feeling a little greasy, spray in a bit of dry shampoo beforehand for perfect hold.

The braided bun. Time to transition that power ponytail for something a little bit more sophisticated. If you created the power ponytail, braid the hair loosely and secure with a clear elastic. Wrap the braid around and secure with a few bobby pins. You now have a lovely braided chignon.

The headband updo. Part your hair down the middle or side and place your favorite headband on your head. Split the hair in half, braid both sections loosely, and secure with clear elastics. Then, roll each braid into itself and tuck them in to the elastic headband. Make it look wispy by pulling a few hairs out here and there.

You now have 3 different hairstyles that you can do in 5 minutes or less! Check out the videos for more holiday beauty.
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