Getting a new haircut can be pretty stressful especially having the same cut for a long time. It can change your face shape as well as the volume of your hair and will most definitely make you feel a certain way—either super confident or not at all. And if getting bangs has ever crossed your mind, you know how big of a commitment getting them can be.

If you’ve ever wanted to try side-swept bangs but don’t want to commit to having them full-time, give this simple faux bangs tutorial a try!

b&bStep 1: Create a deep-sided part. You can use the arch on your eyebrows as a guide. Brush over to the side.
Step 2: Once you’ve created the part, you’re only going to use about 3 inches worth of hair so just brush back the remaining hair from the part you created.
Step 3: Pour a bit of texture powder or spray on the front of the hair. This works best if you have fine or silky hair to give it slight volume.
Step 4: Use a comb to brush the hair slightly to the side. Do this in a gentle way so you don’t lose the bit of texture you’ve created with the product earlier.
Step 5: Once you’re content with the way it looks, twist the bottom half of the hair and pin it behind your ear with bobby pins or clips.
Step 6: Back-comb the hair near the fringe to hide the bobby pins.
To see the tutorial, check out the video!
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