When you go in to a makeup store you often see disposable spoolies, applicators, and even makeup sponges near the makeup so you can try them out. We all use them to prevent bacteria from getting into our bodies and prevent from getting sick so why would it be any different from sharing your own products at home? Although you love your friends and family dearly, that doesn’t mean they may not be carrying some bacteria that can be transferred on to your everyday beauty products.

While there may be a few different beauty products that you can share, there are others that are off limits. See what products you shouldn’t be sharing to prevent from getting sick.

Lipstick. Your mouth has tons of bad bacteria and it’s easily transferred from letting somebody use your favorite lipstick. Lipsticks can harbor a ton of bacteria especially if it’s a gloss since bacteria thrive in wet or humid places. If you let someone borrow your lipsticks, ask them to apply it on the back of their hand generously and apply with a lip brush so that they’re mouth doesn’t touch the actual bullet.

Moisturizer. Everything you touch is with your hands and not everywhere you touch is clean. If someone wants to use your moisturizer that’s in a jar, ask them to use a cotton swab or small spatula.

Tweezers, nail clippers, and earrings. Any type of blood transfer is the worst thing you can do with beauty products or tools. Your friend may have a sickness or disease that they may not even know about and if it makes contact with your own blood, the outcome can be bad. Don’t share any of these items to prevent that from happening.

Never share mascara. Another important gateway that should be taken into consideration is the eye area. Avoid sharing mascaras or eye pencils to prevent eye infections from occurring.

Don’t forget the makeup sponges. As we mentioned before, bacteria thrive in wet places or things and if you’re friend asks to use your makeup sponge wet, there will definitely be bacteria transfer. Offer them a disposable sponge if you have any instead.
(Cover image: fashionstylebeauty.com)