With the New Year comes new beginnings and that means starting fresh with anything you’d like—including your hair. While we’re well into 2015, your hair might still be the same from 2014. If you’re looking to change up your do, give yourself some hair inspiration with these cuts that are trending now.

hair1The Textured Lob. This haircut was big last year and it’s made its way into this year as well. The difference this time around is that giving it texture with product or tools is a big part of the look.
It doesn’t take much to give it that slightly wavy yet ruffled look so this is one to consider if you’ve been wanting to cut your hair short but don’t want to put that much effort into it.

hair2The Architectural Bob. With this haircut it’s all about having the length being uniformed but still giving it texture so it doesn’t look so singular. This haircut works best on straight or wavy hair to keep the ends looking the same length.

hair3The Off-Kilter Lob. If you haven’t already noticed, short hair is in this season and this lob is another great cut to try. This cut works best with girls that already favor deep-sided parts as one side is longer than the other. It’s a lot easier to style as neat lines look best with this haircut.

hair4The French Girl Fringe. If you’ve already watched Fifty Shades of Grey than you know this haircut already. This cut consists of easy to style bangs and medium-length hair that’s perfect for that effortless look. If you don’t want to cut your long locks too short but still want something new, this is the way to go.

hair5The Asymmetrical Pixie. This haircut is basically the pixie cut version of the off-kilter bob. One side is longer than the other so it helps frame your face. It’s a daring cut but when styled properly it looks amazing.
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