If you were alive in the 90’s, you know that tattoo chokers were the “it” accessory everyone had to have. It didn’t matter if you were into the grunge scene or not because they made them in every color possible and even different styles to cater to everyone. They gave you just enough edge back then to keep you in the loop with the cool crowd.

Now, fastforward to 2015 and we’re all about the chokers again. The grunge-chic look is a big trend and we’re loving the nostalgia it brings but we love even more that it’s a more grown-up version so it’s not all about wearing it with an oversized plaid shirt. If you’re looking to try out the choker trend, check out our picks:

choker3River Island Velvet and Chain Mltirow Choker Necklace, $14.50. If you were into the black velvet choker back then, you’ll love this one. It’s a combination of the choker plus a couple of gold chains so that it looks layered. Perfect for casual wear.

choker4Nasty Gal Adesha Chain Choker, $20. If you’re going to Firefly, Coachella, or any other music festival, this choker is a great is a great accessory. It’s silver and has flowery-type charms that can be layered with other necklaces.

choker5New Look Dasiy Choker Necklace, $14.50. While girly-girls might think this trend is too edgy for them, this flower choker will prove them wrong. The daisies give it that feminine touch and would compliment a sundress to perfection.

choker1Drop Chain Wire Choker, $7.80. Looking to make a chic statement with your choker? This drop chain choker will do just that. Although the choker is demure, the long chains on the sides catch the eye just enough to take your look to the next level.

choker2J. Crew Hinged Choker, $89.99. Making a statement doesn’t always mean having to wear crazy colors and designs with your jewelry. This choker pairs perfectly with a sleek or classic look like a long dress in crisp colors. It’s a classic and makes your outfit looked polished.
(Cover image: chaos-mag.com)