“It’s every little girl’s dream to dress up,” Rihanna says. Well, she is definitely the beauty queen any girl could aspire to be. From being one of the best selling artists of all time to owning her own makeup, clothing and shoe lines, she’s got it all and then some!

And what would a beauty be without her flawless makeup? The recent release of her Fenty Beauty makeup line aimed to do the impossible: be friendly to all skin tones and complexions. Bloggers and beauty aficionados have been singing her praises, saying it does indeed step up to the task. Though, a lot of the Twitter world is embarrassed that we are just now realizing her last name is, in fact, Fenty.

The Barbadian bombshell is also known for her beauty looks. She always brings the fire to any event, whether it’s the red carpet or walking through the streets of LA.