Getting a manicure done is one of life’s simple pleasures for a woman. A manicure, if done correctly, will always compliment your look and even act as accessory. The downside is that it can be hard to recreate at home and maintaining it can be a challenge if you’re not the best at taking care of your nails in general.

Luckily Essie herself has given us some tips for maintaining that perfect mani at home so follow these tips to keep your mani looking better for longer.

File in one direction. When you file down your nails, do this in only one direction to prevent damage. Going back and forth with the nail file can cause the nail to split and ruin your mani. Stick to one direction for healthier and more polished looking nails.

Push back cuticles. This is one of the best things you can do to prevent constant cuticle growth. The more you cut it, the more it will grow out so push it back often to avoid the hassle of getting it cut. Apply a cuticle oil nightly to keep them healthy.

Base coat is essential. Just like a primer on your face, your nails also need one to prevent any staining and to hold on to that color for longer. You can find base coats for your specific nail concern whether it’s a weak nails or nails with ridges so shop around to find one that your nails will benefit the most from.

Wait 2 minutes in between each coat. This will ensure that the coat you applied is completely dried and won’t stick or become messy when the following coat is applied.

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