Having a go-to updo is a must for every girl, especially if you’re extra social. Evening events , weddings, and even work related occasions call for a more sophisticated hair style than just plain loose curls. Although they can be a bit time consuming, it’s just a matter of finding a do or two that work for you.

If you’re on the hunt for an easy, messy updo that’ll make any look appear more sophisticated, try this hair tutorial.


You’ll need these hair styling tools and products:

1. Texturizing spray
2. Hair spray
3. Bobbi pins
4. Narrow tooth comb
5. Hair pins

Now follow these steps:

Step 1. Starting off with hair that has a bit of texture to it (think second day hair), create 2 sections by separating the top half from the bottom half. Secure the top half with a hair pin to keep it in place. You can use texturizing spray for added volume if your hair is a bit flat.

Step 2. Using a narrow tooth comb, back comb the bottom half of the hair. You can start about half way and comb back to the roots to create some volume. To make it easier, you can section the bottom half of the hair in to 3 sections. Spray some of the hairspray to keep the teased section in place.

Step 3. Repeat step 2 for the center of the back of the head. Back comb and spray in to place.

Step 4. Pull all of the remaining hair back towards the lower center of your head. Do this with your fingers. Using a comb will look too perfected and won’t look messy or effortless.

Step 5. Taking 2 small sections that start where yours ears are, pin each one into the cushion you created in the lower center of your head. Repeat this 2 or 3 more times. Remember to not pin them too tightly to keep the messy feel.

Step 6. With the remaining hair, take small sections and pin them up. You can roll them up on your fingers or create a small bun.

Step 7. Spray everything in to place and you’re done!

Optional: If your updo looks too perfected, take some hair strands out randomly like around your ears or the top of your head.
(Article cover image: Getty Images)